Colouring with Rage


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My first attempt at blending sketch tools on the iPad2. The Preliminary sketch is made with a program called Asketch. ArtRage is an awesome tool, you can paint with very watery brushes.


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It’s Astor La Vista for Josh’s Girl


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 Handheld toner based printer’s are very cool. Useful graffiti devices perhaps…you could print on your own hand with one of those.  Heftier and crispier inkjet versions are used to print text onto various surfaces like packaging and pipelines. Continue reading

Cat under the Table




The themes you have when sleeping under an ikea table might be stone baked television sets by robot cat people.

Here’s what’s written on the other page:

“People say to emulate film (35mm) you need a digital capacity of 4k pixels long.  This isn’t entirely true because the 4k rule is only true if you turn digital footage into a film negative. The thing that happens in film (35mm) is that quality is lost from converting a negative to a positive. To the extent that by the time it reaches the screen you only have the equivalent of 1.4k (according to Kodak) or 1.2k.  In that way, a digital film could deliver a better picture.

Other tricks involve altering the contrast to make it have a higher resolution

[Do it with conviction, be brave, know why you’re doing it]”

Defoe – The Marooned Space Traveler


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Thematically speaking, a science fiction is no more mature than a fantasy with fools and horses, unless burdened with the weight of a place in time, an existential question.  Things change when you start to say ‘this story can happen, it’s very very unlikely, but yet, I can vividly imagine it being a reality’.

This is why mature science fiction films are difficult to make, and in the evanescence of special effects becoming commonplace in all films, making them can only get harder. Continue reading