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Last night I had a dream that I was in some kind of orphanage, and there were all these kids there, doing the usual kids stuff, like playing with toys.  There were also small puddles of pee on some of the surfaces.  I was a prefect or teacher, I think, and at some point I put my hand in one of those puddles by accident.  The skin on my hand started to blister and eventually I had to explode them, which showered pus everywhere like pressurized waterbombs.  A few of the kids were watching from the sidelines, and I had to reassure them that, ‘it’s quite a normal occurrence’. At the end of the dream I was outside the orphanage, which was a kind of victorian brick work building in a playground that had some swings.

The cause of this psychological pandora might have something to do with a little something I took yesterday to help with my insomnia.  Which is Melatonin, a harmless looking , quite disgusting white substance.  Immediately after it dissolved on my tongue, I felt extremely drowsy, and went to sleep in the recovery position, just in case I threw up and started to drown.  To be honest, it was still quite hard to fall asleep, it was as though I was in a wave of drowsiness, but the core of my mind was awake.

I put a radio program on, called radiolabs, because that sometimes works, the episode I was listening to talked about a relationship between two university students, and how one of them has a condition called ‘Prospagnosia‘, or ‘Face Blindness‘.  Basically, this guy couldn’t remember his girlfriends face, so the whole relationship had designs that helped them cope.

That worked eventually, but I listened right up to the story of the first woman to ever go over the niagara falls in a wooden barrel. Which was about forty minutes later.

And no, I didn’t dream of people with no faces, or of somehow flying over the edge of a waterfall in a dinghy afterwards, I remember very little in fact. I think the melatonin drowsiness put me in an almost dreamless slumber.  Maybe this whole insomnia thing is just a sign that my friend Sigmund and I should go for a drink later.

On the bright side, I woke up having slept deeply and for many hours. It was around 1pm when I got up, making my rest about 12 hours long.  I’m not sure if I should be proud of that, but I am on holiday, so whatever.