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Prometheus 3D had one of the most engrossing first acts i’ve ever seen. Set in the latter half of the 21st Century, you are introduced to new styles of depicting future technology.  Including some pretty funky GM fungus. I enjoyed the film immensely, the characters are great, and the story mysterious. However, there is one annoying issue I had with this film.

Growing a crowd of fans is probably a natural part of being a great fantasy/science fiction director, but the one thing I find annoying about fan culture, is the tendency to get over excited about pleasing them. AND why not? Pleasing fans will probably benefit the lifespan of the product, especially if it isn’t that famous yet, but sometimes I give a sigh when the product tries to do this by leaving trails of directorial clues. Like a row of goat droppings on a clean floor. When it’s not a cameo, or a part of the story, it just stinks like ugly branding.


The worst moment in the movie was at the very end. Things had been really serious in the movie thus far, pretty much everyone had met their maker, and an earth shattering discovery sends one of the characters out to the edges of space out of some death defying need to seek knowledge.

By this point you already know what’s coming. Ridley Scott’s Alien shows up and slowly looks to the side, so you could definitely see the shape of HG Giger’s alien design from the ‘Alien Trilogy‘, the familiar nail varnish shine and conical shape. Then it screeches into the camera and everything blacks out.  So the final point of the movie was to say, ‘Aliens are back!’ in a funny voice? Like some sort of punchline? The last thing I needed on some romanticist journey through outer space is cheap branding.  Why can’t they just tell the damn story and leave the advertisements out of it?

Yes okay, the alien is part of the story, the whole film is just part of the alien series, waiting to happen for all these years. There are other fan based references spread throughout. Like the familiar xenomorph egg pod layout, and the way the film ends similarly to the first ‘Alien’ movie where a sole survivor continues her journey into space whilst leaving behind a a situation report. Aw heck, the trailer gives most of it away anyway. There was no doubt about it, this was going to be part of the alien universe.

Basically, I didn’t like ending a good movie with a cheap horror gimmick.  Even if it was just a light hearted respite to lift people out of their sci-fi sobriety.