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Image by CTBTO Photostream (Creative Commons)

Earlier today, an email blew into my mailbox stating in two sentences:

[‘You know how I love Michael Bay, and think he’s a genius? Well, did I ever tell you that as much as I like him, I hate John Woo even more‘]

The Rock was a great movie, and so was Hardboiled. The discussion of who’s better than who got a bit political after they kept making action hits that left the screen on fire. I happen to like John Woo films, more than Michael Bay films, but it made me wonder.  Where the hell did John Woo go? Did I miss the bullets at some point between Mission Impossible 3 and Prometheus?

I wrote a response like so:

[‘This is where we differ. John woo is one of the reasons I liked the action film genre in the first place.  His early works were so kinetic, and thats the type of cheese that i find jaw dropping. But what he did to mission impossible 2 (or was it 3? See, it was so shit that I couldnt even remember) was unforgivable, and is a result of being given too much money*. haven’t looked out for him since. Even micheal bay shows up on my radar more than woo now ever since, and I’m not even a fan of Bay (as you know).

John woo was a pioneer in using the space of a scene well to create action**. These guys [Freddie Wong] spells out the importance of space.

You did notice though that they used clips from the aforementioned mission impossible film to explain how a laggy action scene is made? Well that’s John woos woeful mistake. But I have to hand it to him for having the guts to do ridiculous action scenes in the first place when starting out.

I think I’ll watch a Mike Bay film tonight. I mean, he may be good, then why don’t I agree? How am I missing the point?***

I guess it’s like how Steven Spielberg asked Juliette Binoche to star in Jurassic Park as some typical Hollywood archetype, and she said she’d rather play a dinosaur than to play in any of his films. I guess fans just come in all shapes and sizes.’]

Later I looked up John Woo’s filmography, and found he directed ‘Red Cliff‘. I haven’t seen it. Sigh. Behind the times I am.

*An off the cuff statement, not true for all films
** Yet again, I’m not completely sure if Woo pioneered the style as a movement on his own
*** I was going to watch Bad Boys, but instead I went to buy some chocolate.