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Today, I came across a sight whilst walking through the Bank of China building in Central Hong Kong.

It was too dark for the phone camera, and I only lingered for 2 minutes, but I think I captured the gist of it. A bunch of tents in the HSBC tower, adorned with a makeshift school classroom, books and artwork peppering the sidelines. It almost looked official, if not for the huge tarpaulin signs.  I almost mistook ‘The GF Protest’ as ‘The Ground Floor Protest’, what, were there protests on the other floors as well? But actually ‘GF’ stands for ‘Grand Fraud’, which I learned from the main tarpaulin sign shielding the entrance of the HSBC cavern.

The tarpaulin read: ‘Grand Fraud Case of the Century’

followed by: ‘The following true handwritten note was the Will arrangement instructed by Mui Yim Fong when meeting with Lau Choi Sau Lin, Doris of HSBC Trustee; it is crystal clear that a Trust could be nothing (no trust), but Andrew Cheung, Robert Tang, Bokhary, Patrick Chan all willfully turned blind eye to it, they are dishonest, the judgement (saying that a Trust is overriding) has been totally opposite to the true intention (only a Will) instructed by Ah Mui!! Can you understand after reading the same??’

After reading that, I realized I didn’t understand the tarp in the slightest. Too many names I didn’t recognize. So I took a picture for future decoding.

The name Mui Yim Fong refers to a much revered singer, AKA Anita Mui, who after her death in 2003 ‘bequeathed’ property to the ‘Karen Trust’. HSBC overlooked the trust dealings, as stated in this wiki article and also referenced in the South China Morning Post. I just can’t seem to find anything online in English that expands on how HSBC supposedly swindled money out of people. I gleaned that the decision to create a trust might have been profitable for HSBC. It’s just a conjecture, but i’m still under-informed. The story goes that after Anita Mui passed away, there were heated court dealings sparked by her mother, the proceedings of which were eventually paid for by the Karen Trust and other properties.

So in summary. The ‘Grand Fraud’ involves HSBC starting a trust, organising the court case, and then paying themselves out of Anita Mui’s pocket. Is that why there’s a bunch of tents under the Bank of China building?

Libcom.org has written a piece, which revealed to my ignorance that it is probably a socialist movement called ‘Occupy Central Hong Kong‘.  In the piece, the writer says:

‘One of the developments to come out of the camp is a Free School. The emphasis is more on practical subjects, which can be taught for use in everyday life or just as a leisure activity. Examples include yoga, English literature, guitar playing, hacking etc.’

Sounds much like the ‘Really Free School‘ back in Britain (the guys who squatted in Guy Ritchie’s house, AKA the guy who directed the 2009 Sherlock Holmes movie and it’s sequel).